Wow…..Where Has the Time Gone???

How the fukk do I even start this shyt?

Sooooo much has happened…..

I don’t even think it’s possible to catch niggas up on everything that has happen in a single post. So I’m gonna just talk about shit with each post over time.

I’ll say this though…..I MISSED THE SHIT OUTTA BEIN HERE! I missed writing and keepin bitches up to date on on the craziness that is my life. Journey has been crazy as fukk……lots of ups and damn sure lots of downs.

Got divorced….that shit was and continues to be full of drama and comedy.

Kids big as shit. One boy in college doin the damn thing. Other boy is a high school junior….doin the damn thing. And baby girl is rockin too.

Me… has been a fukkin roller coaster. Full of surprises and new experiences. The pussy, dick, and ass are ALL still a part of my preferences. A nigga finally full embraced the fact that I am a bisexual man in a hetero world. And muuhfukkas just gotta get over that shit.

Let me put it this way……A lot of shit has gone down. And it all contributed to the space I’m in today. Not sure if that is good or bad….but it’s my truth.

So I’m back. New journey….but kinda the same. Hope to take y’all with me.

Do a spic a favor and let bitches know I’m back. Not sure who’s still here……Immanuel, Cogito…..where y’all bitches at?

Let’s see how this goes.

You ready?

Let’s go!

Image result for since i've been gone

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