Comfortable In My Lane…

The longer I have been divorced, and on my own….having the free time and ability to express my shit the way I want to….I have gotten more comfortable with my truth. Shit… took me some years to identify what the fukk that truth was. Shit was mixed with soooo many feelings, guilt, and other mixed emotions. Then there’s the unsolicited opinions, comments, and suggestions from muhhfukkahs who can’t relate to the shit I’ve been thru. Bitches always tryna give their two cents about shit they can’t pretend to understand. Never been married and divorced. Never had kids to fight over. Never had an ex who tries to make their kids hate em. But still got a whole buncha shit to offer by way of opinion. Sit da fukk down…..buncha bitches.

The truth is I’ve had some interesting times these last few years. Some have been rough, and others….not so much. But my experiences have forced me to grow. And I’ve become more content IN MY OWN FUKKIN LANE…..regardless of the categories bitches wanna put me in.

Some niggas wanna say I’m gay, and still tryna convince myself that I like the pussy. Others wanna believe that a nigga is straight, but just fukkin around every now and then.

Nope…bitches….nope….I been sayin this shit for years. Now a spic is real comfortable in the truth….I am a bi-sexual black/Puerto Rican single dad, who loves his kids…..loves dick, ass, and pussy….men and women….in no particular order.

Now, recently, I have been scaling back from dealing with women. Turns out, everytime I lay pipe and touch a bitch’s belly button, THEN we gotta talk about marriage in shit……DEAD.

I was married for a LONNNNNNG fukkin time. So I have decided to even shit up. My interests have me pointing towards the fellas right now. And I’m okay with that. Those that haven’t been have been relieved of the necessity to fukk with me.

I’ve learned that my feelings, my desires, my disposition are more important that these muhhfukkas who don’t even matter. Not tryin to please bitches anymore. My life….my choices….my decisions. I own every one of em. Surrounding myself with those that can handle that. Those that can’t…..FUCK EM!

This time has been long awaited…..I HAVE ACCEPTED MYSELF. So whatever peeps can’t handle, not my problem. My three main concerns are my youngins. After that, other niggas can miss me with the bullshit if they can’t fuck with how I handle the shit in MY LANE.

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