Cutting Family Ties…..

The holidays are a time to spend with those you love, reflect on the true meaning of the season (whatever it is that you believe in), and enjoy quality time with family…..or so I thought.

After losing my pa, and attending his funeral right before the holidays, I made plans to fly to Miami for Christmas. Shit made sense….the kids were traveling to the Midwest with Gargamel. I was going to be home alone for the holidays. Didn’t wanna spend this season in a low emotional space. Wasn’t gonna do it.

So I flew to Miami to visit my cousin Miguel, and his partner Daniel. Miguel and I have known each other our whole lives, but we lost contact as adults until about 5 years ago. We have since reconnected and spend some time together each year between Thanksgiving and Christmas….kinda like a new tradition.

It was always a chance for me to come and reflect…..reset….regroup. Miguel and Daniel both do hair in the shop that Daniel owns. So they would go to work, while I sat right off the pool and caught up on work, meditated, prayed….whatever. When they would come home, we would have dinner, or go out……or just all crash for the night.

This year was a lil different. I needed to keep moving so that I wouldn’t fukk around and focus on the negative shyt that came with 2016. A nigga is tired and drained. Needed this time to get my focus on tap so that I go home renewed and ready for a positive fukkin year. And this year is the first time that a number of my friends who are either from here or visiting were in town at the same time. SHIT IS PERFECT! I would have time to get out and see the sights, and keep my mind off of all of the bullshit that I’ve been going through.

So upon my arrival, Miguel and I go grab lunch and drinks, which of course leads to dinner……MY FUKKIN TREAT, as always. I always end up spendin all of my fukkin money on his ass when I come down here. No worries…..sometimes I was just happy to see his broke, lazy, always leaving his wallet at home ass. And it would only be temporary. The truth is that Miguel had Daniel to carry his ass. So a bitch hasn’t been used to spending a dime for himself for years. I was used to the fact that I always needed to beef up my budget for my needy, trifling cousin, who I still loved very much.

So after lunch, drinks, dinner, and more drinks…….we go through the regular routine of this bitch not having any money. No problem. Dinner over…..Uber back to the crib (on me, because he left his phone at home too……LOL).

So, I decide to drop Miguel off at home with his boo, and hit the streets. One of my buddies, Darryl, who is from Miami had come down to spend the holidays with his family. We decided to go out for drinks and hit a few spots in the city. We stop at a couple of bars and a strip club….just having a ball.

But the night took a muuhfukkin twist when my cell phone starts pingin like an angry bitch. It was Miguel’s ass texting me. Bitch was offended that I was hanging out with friends, and not spending the remainder of the evening with him and Daniel. DA FUKK???  Are we fukkin or something? Did I miss the fukkin memo?

He goes on and on about not understanding why we aren’t spending more time together. BITCH…..I JUST GOT OFF THE PLANE. AND YOU WERE THE FIRST ITEM ON THE AGENDA. Not doing it tonight.

I got over that shit real quick.

But then came Christmas Day…..

After the night out with my boy Darryl, I spent most of Christmas Day sitting on my ass, catching up on NetFlix shows, sipping on Vodka and smokin a jay, and enjoying the season. A long chat with my kids and my day had now been made.

Miguel and Daniel had been out on the beach for a bike ride. They arrived and Daniel pranced in….gave me a hug and kiss…”Merry Christmas babe”. Just a pleasant lil white man.  Miguel…..said nothing. Dan and I didn’t miss a beat. We sipped on cocktails and and continued with meal prep for the day, until……it happened.

Miguel asked me a question about a cake I had baked the day before. “Who’s recipe is this?”
“My ma’s”

Not sure what it was that Miguel didn’t like about my tone, but the lil nigga went the fukk off!!!



I calmly reminded my cuz that I wasn’t being mean, I didn’t intend to sound shady, and…..that if he didn’t fall back, he was about to get his ass busted, as I am NOT the lil white girl that is his partner. I went to my room to make sure nothing would pop off, since my blood was starting to get warmer.

Miguel prolly made the mistake of his life when he decided to follow me to the room, bust in the door, and continue yellin bullshit statements. Just to be clear, we were in the middle of a full blown argument because you ain’t like a nigga’s tone when I told you my mother was the one responsible for a cake recipe? And now I’m about to fukk you up over the same bullshit on Christmas Day?

I’m sure Jesus was not bout to be pleased with all this shit poppin off on his birthday.

Back in a few….

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