Cutting Family Ties…Part 2

brace-yourself-causeMiguel prolly shoulda left shit alone. I’m thinking that would have made a better Christmas for all of us. But a bitch wanna be cute. And I wasn’t in the right space emotionally to just let shit die. When he busted his ass in the room where I was to continue yelling at me, I calmly told him to pause….then I reminded him of a couple key points:

1. It’s Christmas Day, and nobody is in the mood for this simple shit (bitch, you got mad over my tone of voice, which I reluctantly apologized for).

2. We are too fuckin old for this shit and I’m not in the right frame of mind to be fuckin round with your simple ass while I’m tryna grieve and get my head space to a place of peace.

3. I’m not ya husband…..and cousin or not…..I will END YOUR SHIT TODAY!

Guess my point was clear, cuz Miguel scurried the fukk out of the room and left me alone. At that point, I decided that I wasn’t going to spend the rest of my time in FL at their home. So I started packing and sent out a couple of texts. I know too many muuhfukkas here to be stranded. Or I could just grab a hotel. So I started packing my shit.

Miguel, however, wasn’t finished with the issue. He sashayed his ass over to another part of the house and demanded that his partner, Daniel, ask me to leave. Not a problem…I’m about to roll anyway. Daniel popped off on Miguel and made shit clear that he didn’t have any problems with me, and that Miguel in fact owed my ass an apology. NOT THE RIGHT THING TO SAY WHEN YOU ARE PARTNERED TO A CRAZY, DRAMATIC, SCHIZO, BITCH WHO MIGHT POP OFF OVER A CAKE RECIPE CONVERSATION.

Needless to say, Miguel flips the fuck out, spits in Daniel’s face, pulls out a knife and threatens the both of us. Now my ass has to go in their, break this shit up, and smack the shit outta Miguel and tell his stupid ass to go sit the fukk down and calm his nerves….ole silly bitch.

By this time, Daniel has called the police, and now I am spending Christmas Day talking to 5 officers who look just as irritated as I was.

So many other details, but imma put this shyt right here, since I feel my fukkin blood boiling again.

At the end of the day, I made my way to my buddy’s crib in Miami, where the remainder of my trip has been quite delicious. Miguel has been texting and apologizing. Daniel has called me to say he doesn’t feel safe anymore.

Either way, I’m over that shit. I’ve forgiven Miguel, but a bitch is kept at a distance. Ain’t got time to be catching a charge for slappin a silly queen over my mother’s cake recipe.

Those ties are cut!


6 thoughts on “Cutting Family Ties…Part 2

  1. Jeez – I’m sorry man. Do you know if their relationship was on thin ice already? It almost sounds like there was already trouble in paradise for Miguel to pull a knife on his partner in business AND in life!


  2. Trapped, you have no idea how long I have been missing your works and longing for you to return to writing. I truly appreciate your thoughts and musings on what happens in your life. Promise not to leave us in the lurch again when you take a sabbatical from writing. Much love Daddy πŸ’‹!!!


  3. Trapped, you have A GREAT DEAL to offer the World 🌍!!! Stick around and unleash the Genius that Christ have granted you. You best believe it, Daddy!!


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