The Holidays With Immanuel…

After a climactic Christmas Day with my cousin (Miguel) and all of his foolishness, I found myself debating whether I would change my plans and go home, or simply grab a hotel and enjoy Florida.



Decided that the rest of my holidays didn’t have to be fukked up because of the actions of one stupid ass, selfish, schizo, deranged, out-of-his-mind, almost got cut, muuhfukkin family member that I still love.

I got a phone call from my boy Immanuel (, who knew what was goin on. “Nigga brang yo ass over here and stay with Van and me for the rest of the week.” That’s what the fukk I did. Needless to say, we have been painting Florida delicious!

I have had the time of my life down here with these two….from the sites, to the cuisine, to the fine ass men and women that I’ve met and had a chance to spend time with. It was great to reconnect with Immanuel, and finally meet Van.

I’m sitting here trying to sum up our week together. Not sure if I can adequately describe how much I have enjoyed myself. After a pretty fukked up year of ups with a whole lotta downs, this was definitely the way to end my year.

A couple of things this week has highlighted for a Spic:

Keep ya friends close. So what you bump heads every now and then. Relationships that are genuine always find a way back full circle.

Appreciate the niggas that care about you. True muuhfukkas will love you, with all of your shit and keep shit movin. They will cut a bitch for you during the tough times.

Speak truth to those you care about, even if they are out of order. Your honesty can save your friend from cuttin a bitch to that white meat….right Immanuel?  LOL. Sometimes you just gotta fix ya boi a drink so he won’t turn shit out. LOLOLOL.

To the few that have followed me over from blogger, check out Immanuel’s joint….( His shit is pure, honest, and often hot as fukk.

Thanks for waiting for a nigga to pull his shit together.

I’m back.

Happy Holidays.


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