The funny thing about being single is the sudden attention that comes with a nigga’s newfound availability. It’s been a few years now, and the bitches that be comin out the woodwork throwin game is amazing. Muuhfukkas tellin me that they never liked my wife anyway and they are glad a spic is finally free and available. The funny shit is the married and/or partnered bitches that come at me. I thought for the most part that the folks that I know in relationships were happy. That’s why they are together. Turns out….I wasn’t the only nigga trapped in a fukked up situation. I’m always finding myself having innocent conversations with moms from my kids’ football or basketball teams that end up leading to other flirtatious shit. Next thing you know…..I’m gettin my dick sucked or some offer to get fukked after a game. SMH.

So that’s where Carla comes in. Her son transferred to my boy’s school this year. Real cool family. Nice kid. He has gotten close to my son, and they fukkin own the team. They play well together, and have become great friends. So we spend a lot of time together…..going to eat after games….chillin at their crib or mine. And it really wasn’t a big deal. Under most circumstances, I wouldn’t have paid Carla any attention….thick thighed white woman that really isn’t my type at all. Kinda reminds me of a Kelly Clarkson.


Bitch married to an older black man that she clearly isn’t happy with. Dogs his ass…..IN PUBLIC! Shit provides a whole lot of comedic relief for me. She acts like this dude gets the fukk on her nerves just being alive. LOL.

So we grabbed drinks one day after a game….me, Carla and her her husband Brian. Just havin a good time. Kickin back and talkin shit. Carla goes to the bathroom, and this nigga hits me with some off-the-wall shit that had my face looking like a Tamar Braxton meme. He said, “Yo….my wife is a flirtatious bitch. I see the way she looks at you. She prolly gonna try to give you the panties?”


I just laughed that shit off. But a week later, Carla’s ass sent me a text asking me to meet her for drinks….alone. Oh shit. Here we go.

“I know you see me lookin at you all the time. And I been flirtin with you since before we transferred here. Been wantin to fukk you for a couple years now.”


Then she made the worst mistake ever. Bitch started talkin shit. “Can you handle this thick white ass? I don’t wanna scare you off. Don’t worry about Brian….he ain’t had this pussy in years.”

Not a good move to talk shit to this spic. “Check please!”

Not the most responsible move, but smashed the pussy in the parking lot. She’s been over a couple times. Bitch is thorough….no emotional attachment. She just want the pussy mistreated every now and then. I can accommodate that. LOL.

I promise imma get my fukkin life together at some point…..just not today.

10 thoughts on “Enter….Carla

  1. LOL!!!! I see someone is reliving thier youth and they appear to enjoy it. I say,enjoy it to the fullest, daddy. Sow your royal oats and be sure to have fun while you are at it!! Ain’t nobody judging you, least of all me.


  2. Ain’t nothing wrong with cutting loose every now and then, just be safe and sow the royal oats and beat that pussy up!!! Hell maybe even do a 3 some

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  3. Like your blog bro and the opennes. Am not so sure though if getting it with disgruntled married women is the way to go. In as much as people are having issues in their marriages it can get really nasty. You are are good looking, well spoken man – you can do better than going down this route.

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  4. Just started reading this blog. Great story. Usually females are the best writers because they provide enough details for you to create your own movie so your in class by yourself.

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